The engine of G-Squared is Gilford Grijt

Gilford possesses a great analytical ability and plenty of experience in the field of IT Infrastructure, which enables him to quickly and adequately assess complex situations and independently look for solutions in the proper priority. Partly due to his communicative skills and methodic approach he is a good team player who is also able to perform well under pressure.

Gilford has been working in the IT world since 1997, with 12 of these years as an employee at the number 1 IT employer in the Netherlands. In that time he supplied his knowledge and expertise to the top 5 biggest Dutch banks, health insurers, financial, educational, & medical institutions, ministries & governmental institutions, IT, telecommunications, trade, industrial, and transport sectors amongst others. In all these fields he has been able to gather knowledge of and experience with many different brands and concepts in infrastructure, projects, suppliers, and hardware, in advising, applying, managing, and supporting roles. His broad field of view and deployment has lead to an increased ability to learn and master software and technology that is new to him within a reasonably short amount of time, and to then be able to formulate solutions and applications.

In 2012 the time came for him to start offering his services as a freelance consultant. To find challenges and take them on a daily base. To offer fresh perspectives on problems that dazzle others. To not think within existing boxes but to dare think outside them, to think beyond the known. Trying to anticipate expected and unexpected results and issues. Not only focusing on daily management but also improving, updating, renewing, while keeping systems stable and secure. To gather information and indicators from all possible sources and disciplines to guarantee a high level of availability in a flexible and adequate manner. Not just putting out fires but preventing them as wel: disaster recovery but also disaster prevention. These are the biggest incentives in his work, along with being innovative.

GG are his initials, in maths G times G equals G2 or G-Squared